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Delicious Mustard Split | Sarson Dall | Avalu Pappu

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Discover the rich flavors of Delicious Mustard Split, Sarson Dall, and Avalu Pappu. Made with quality ingredients, these lentils are packed with essential nutrients for a delicious and healthy addition to any meal. Elevate your cooking with these traditional split lentils.


1. Rich in Protein : Mustard dal is a good source of plant-based protein, which is essential for muscle growth and repair, as well as overall health and wellbeing.
2. Heart Health : The omega-3 fatty acids present in mustard dal can help lower cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation, and decrease the risk of heart disease.
3. Digestive Aid : Mustard dal is rich in fiber, which aids digestion, promotes bowel regularity, and helps prevent constipation. It also contains compounds that stimulate the production of digestive enzymes, aiding in the digestion process.
4. Blood Sugar Regulation : The fiber content in mustard dal helps regulate blood sugar levels by slowing down the absorption of sugars in the bloodstream, making it beneficial for individuals with diabetes or those aiming to manage their blood sugar levels.
5. Weight Management : The protein and fiber in mustard dal promote satiety, helping to reduce appetite and prevent overeating. Additionally, the low glycemic index of mustard dal may aid in weight loss by stabilizing blood sugar levels and reducing cravings.

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