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Asafoetida, also known as hing, is a latex gum extracted from several species of a perennial herb, Ferula.This potent-smelling spice is commonly used in Persian and Indian cooking for flavoring, food preservation and fragrance.Due to its strong odor, it is also called Devil’s dung. From a nutritional perspective, asafetida provides protein, fiber, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorous, iron, niacin, carotene and riboflavin.

Swastik Pickle Special Hing Export Quality Dry Fruits Health Benefits
• Hing is an amazing anti-ageing spice. This spice reduces wrinkles, fine lines and age spots.
• Hing offers benefits of skin whitening.
• Hing offers anti-drying and anti-acne benefits to the skin.
• This spice is good for conditioning hair, controls hair fall and maintains the scalp.
• Apart from digestive benefits, hing also offers anti-epileptic, anti-asthmatic and anti-viral benefits.