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Shajeera is an excellent carminative. It eases the gut, providing relief from gas, flatulence and bowel spasms. It is very effective for treating cough (Antitussive effect). Caraway seeds are excellent for heart as they strengthen muscle, prevent atherosclerosis, lower blood pressure and bring down cholesterol levels.If there are ingredients that are beneficial to the skin, hair and health alike, then ShaJeera will top that list.ShaJeera are also a rich source of dietary fibre.Sha Jeera are used as tea, as a seasoning and tincture for skin.

Delicious Shajeera Export Quality Spices Health Benefits
• Shahjeera strength the stomach and kills hookworms.
• It eases the stomach, providing relief from gastric trouble, flatulence and bowel spasms.
• The oil in the seed is an excellent disinfectant and antiseptic properties, and hence is effective for curing infections anywhere in the body.
• Shahjeera eradicates bad breath and oral gum diseases.