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Anardana is very low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Dried Pomegranate Seeds has Full of Fibber and loaded with vitamins and taste. Beneficial in increasing blood flow. Promotes cardiovascular health and helps in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. Vitamin C present in the anardana helps the body to develop resistance against infections and boost the immunity. Anardana is mildly sweet and sour in taste it adds flavour to several types of foods. Anardana seeds are highly used in Indian cuisine. Delicious Foods offer best variety of anardana in 100 gms packing.

Anardana refers to the dried seeds of the pomegranate fruit. A variety of wild pomegranate called daru, which grows in the southern Himalayas, is reputed to yield the best anardana.Bits of pomegranate pulp remain on the seeds as they dry, so the slightly sticky seeds with a fruity, mildly sweet and tangy taste are used as a souring agent in Indian cuisine. They are used mainly in vegetable and legume dishes, as well as a few Moghlai dishes. Roasted and ground anardana replaces lime juice in the cuisines of regions where fresh lime in not available in certain seasons.