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Edible gum or Gond katira comes from a shrub. This is a tree gum but its an edible one. Delicious Edible gum is widely used in dishing out nutritionally loaded preparations; one of its most popular uses in India is while preparing nourishing laddoos that are usually consumed by pregnant and lactating women. Edible gum is water soluble which makes it easy to mix with a range of ingredients. The gum is traditionally been used in remedies to tackle ailments like diarrhea, cough and congestion. Edible gum is rich in calcium and protein and helps people ailing from lung-related issues.

Delicious Edible Gum Export Quality Spices Health Benefits
• Gond is used to heal wounds.
• It is used to treat diarrhoea, cough and cold, mouth ulcers
• Gond is good to treat cardiovascular and chronic kidney diseases.
• Traditional gond laddus are given to new mothers to meet their nourishment needs.
• Gond has the property of keeping your body warm during winters.